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Fluoride Treatment in Lakewood, CA

Rendered image of a tooth and dental mirror at Lakewood Dental Arts in Lakewood,CAOur teeth naturally lose minerals daily just from regular use. We remineralize them from the intake of calcium, phosphate and fluoride in our foods and drinks. Today, fluoride has been added to our drinking water, to our toothpaste, and may even be found in some rinses. This addition is because studies have found that a healthy level of fluoride can make the difference in having healthy teeth. If we see that your teeth can benefit from additional assistance, we can help. At Lakewood Dental Arts, we can help restore those minerals more quickly through the application of a fluoride gel, rinse or varnish.

Research has shown that fluoride can both help prevent tooth decay and reverse early decay. Fluoride works by adding minerals to your teeth, making it more resistant to acidic attacks from bacteria that feeds on the sugars found in the plaque in our mouths. It also can rebuild areas on your teeth that have started to lose mineralization from those attacks.

In children, fluoride is important to their tooth development, helping them grow stronger permanent teeth. Having stronger teeth will make it more difficult for acids to demineralize their teeth. This can be especially important during your child’s developing phase, when they’re still learning to brush and floss regularly.

Fluoride Treatment Process

Fluoride treatment is a painless procedure. We will generally make the recommendation for a fluoride treatment following your dental cleaning and exam. We may use one of the following methods to apply fluoride, including:
•  Varnish: We often use a fluoride varnish for younger children. The varnish is painted with a small brush on the surfaces of each tooth. Initially, the varnish is sticky, but will dry hard. You, or your child, may be able to feel that there is a coating on your teeth with your tongue, but you will not be able to remove the varnish from licking or with your saliva. The varnish will naturally be brushed away the next time you or your child brushes. This is normal. Brushing on the varnish takes only a few minutes, we then ask that you avoid drinking or eating for approximately half an hour following application. Sometimes, our younger patients may cry during this process, but their only discomfort is not liking that we are doing something in their mouths, there is no pain being caused.
•  Gel or Foam: We generally apply a fluoride gel or foam to adult patients. This is done quickly and applied with a swab or through the use of a tray. The patient is asked to wait for a period of time before rinsing. They will then be asked to not drink or eat anything for about thirty minutes following treatment.
•  Rinse: A fluoride rinse is a higher dose of fluoride, and generally only given to adults that we feel confidant will not swallow the rinse. We ask them to simply swish it around and spit. We will then ask that they don’t eat or drink for approximately thirty minutes following their fluoride rinse.

Is Fluoride Safe?

The safety of fluoride has become an increasingly common question, especially as some organizations have fought to have fluoride removed from city drinking water. The answer to whether fluoride is safe, is yes, it’s safe when applied correctly. As with any medication, the intake of too much fluoride can have negative effects. Too much fluoride is problematic. Overexposure to fluoride can be harmful in small children. Today, many children’s toothpastes no longer include fluoride. Having your child’s fluoride applied in a controlled format can make a significant difference. We can help.

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At Lakewood Dental Arts, we can help restore the minerals in your teeth more quickly through the application of fluoride treatment. Book an appointment today!
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