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Lakewood Dental Arts have created this informative blog to help educate the community.

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Not Treating Dental Issue Could Lead to System Body Damage

Posted on 6/7/2021 by Dr. Goodis
Some people do not realize that neglecting their dental health can impact their health overall. Therefore, you need to regularly brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss once a day. Devote about 2 minutes per session that you floss or brush your teeth. Why You Should Treat Dental Issues...

How a Tooth Can Go Numb

Posted on 5/24/2021 by Dr. Goodis
It is an interesting sensation when your tooth goes numb. It is like any other part of your body being numb. You feel some tingling and you may feel a prickling sensation. When you bite down, it may feel like your tooth is not even there. When Does a Tooth go Numb? Your teeth are alive, they...

Typical Causes of Yellowing Teeth

Posted on 5/10/2021 by Dr. Goodis
Are your teeth yellow? Perhaps you would like to remake your smile and say goodbye to yellow discoloration. The first place to start is to look at your habits and see if something you are doing, or not doing, is affecting the color of your teeth. Smoking The first habit we discuss with our...

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