Types of Braces

Types of Braces

When you’re looking for an adult orthodontist in the Lakewood, CA area, our outstanding team of doctors at Lakewood Dental Arts is proud to be your premier choice! Our friendly and professional staff will help put you on the path toward a straight, healthier smile with our highly-efficient orthodontic treatments from traditional metal braces to Invisalign and more. We also understand each patient has their own unique needs, which is why we strive to offer such a wide range of orthodontic treatments. Let’s take a look at what a few of our braces options have to offer.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most popular form of orthodontic treatment today, and are the treatment option that most people are familiar with. Metal braces are made of high-quality, durable stainless steel and their brackets are bonded to the front of a patient’s teeth. An archwire runs through these brackets, which helps guide the teeth into proper alignment as the wire is tightened. Modern metal braces are smaller, more comfortable, and more aesthetically pleasing than braces of the past.

Because of the brackets and wires, special care must be taken when eating and cleaning metal braces. Certain foods, such as hard, crunchy, and sticky foods will need to be avoided during the duration of your orthodontic treatment in order to avoid potential damage to the wires or brackets. It’s also important to thoroughly clean around brackets and under the wire since food particles will be more prone to getting stuck.


Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces work in the same way as metal braces, but with one clear difference – the brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic instead of metal. This allows the patient to have a more discreet orthodontic treatment experience. This type of braces is very popular amongst adults for its cosmetic appeal.

Besides requiring the same extra care with eating and cleaning as traditional metal braces, some downsides to ceramic braces are that they’re a little more fragile than metal braces and the elastic ties tend to discolor between orthodontic visits. However, this is a trade-off many are willing to make for the aesthetic appeal.



Unlike traditional braces that use brackets and wires to shift a patient’s teeth, Invisalign uses clear, removable aligner trays to help with tooth realignment. Invisalign offers the most discreet treatment possible since the aligners are virtually invisible to others. Because the aligners are made of polyurethane plastic, Invisalign also provides a much more comfortable treatment experience.

Aside from comfort, convenience is another big factor for patients who choose Invisalign. Since the Invisalign aligner trays are removed when eating, patients can still enjoy the same foods they always have without the risk of damage that comes with metal and ceramic braces. It also makes oral hygiene much simpler, as there are no wires or brackets to clean around.

Invisalign isn’t suitable for all patients, however, so it’s important to schedule a consultation with your Lakewood Invisalign specialist at Lakewood Dental Arts to discuss if you’re a good candidate.


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