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Lakewood Dental Arts is dedicated to more than providing quality dental care and treatments for children, teens and adults throughout Lakewood, CA and the surrounding cities. Our doctors also strive to stay current with the latest trends and technological advancements in the orthodontic industry in order to ensure that we are always providing the best and latest orthodontic treatments available, including Invisalign. Continue reading to learn more about Invisalign clear aligners below.

About Invisalign

How Clear Aligners Work
Invisalign consists of a series of clear, customized appliances called aligners. As the name implies, Invisalign clear aligners are made of clear polyurethane plastic that is virtually undetectable by the naked eye. When Dr. Fowell recommends Invisalign as a treatment option and you opt for it, we will use 3-D computer imaging technology to transform your impressions into a series of the clear, custom-fitted aligners. Unlike braces, you will not have to set semi-monthly appointments with our Lakewood, CA orthodontist to have your brackets adjusted and tightened.

Each set of aligners are worn day and night for about two weeks at a time. After two weeks you can simply replace your aligners with the next set in the series that you are provided with. The number of aligner sets you will use during treatment depends on your treatment plan and the severity of your orthodontic problem. Each aligner will gradually move your teeth closer to their final position. While undergoing Invisalign treatment, you can remove the clear aligners for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners
Invisalign technology has been improving over the years and can correct many common orthodontic problems. Fortunately, with this clear aligner orthodontic treatment, any teen or adult can undergo orthodontics without anyone ever knowing. Other benefits that come along with this treatments invisibility include:

  • No limitations on what you can eat or drink.
  • Shorter treatment time.
  • No gum or mouth irritation due to wires or metal brackets.
  • Aligners can be easily removed and cleaned
  • Fewer orthodontist visits

See How Invisalign Can Change Your Smile
Invisalign can help turn your smile into something that is life changing. After Invisalign treatment, you will no longer have to be afraid to show off your smile and your smile will be able to show off the real you. Watch this short video regarding Invisalign and see how this inconspicuous treatment can move your teeth into that new dream smile you always wanted without wires and braces.

Contact Lakewood Dental Arts For The Clear Alternative To Braces

Thank you for choosing Lakewood Dental Arts for your orthodontic treatment needs. We hope that you found the information above very helpful. If you are interested in Invisalign treatment for you or your child, contact us at our Lakewood office to schedule an appointment. Feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns about the services we offer like Invisalign or our practice. We will gladly address them. We look forward to meeting you in our office soon!

Invisalign Video