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Comprehensive Orthodontic Care in Lakewood, CA

h-bracesAt Lakewood Dental Arts, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile that they feel proud of in every situation. That's why our mission is to provide high-quality orthodontic treatment to patients throughout the Lakewood area in a warm, welcoming office environment. Dr. Irene Fowell and our highly trained team of orthodontic specialists work hard to treat every patient on a customized, individual basis, and we strive to personalize our treatment plans to perfectly fit our patient's orthodontic needs and suit even the busiest of lifestyles. A beautiful, healthy smile is an investment that will stay with you for the rest of your life – and with modern orthodontic treatments, it's never been easier to achieve.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology for Expert Orthodontic Treatment

At Lakewood Dental Arts, we combine the most advanced orthodontic technologies to create a personalized treatment plan for every patient. Modern braces are thinner, more attractive, and more comfortable than ever, and modern treatment alternatives mean you can achieve a straight smile virtually invisibly. We're proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments, including:

Small Traditional Braces

Despite a plethora of alternatives, traditional metal braces remain the most popular orthodontic treatment we offer. That's because traditional braces provide a reliable, durable, and cost-effective treatment for almost any orthodontic condition. Composed of high-grade stainless steel, our traditional braces are up to 30% smaller than standard braces, providing a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing treatment that offers better stability and control for an improved orthodontic outcome.


Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative to traditional braces that straightens teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires. Instead of braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to straighten the teeth. These aligners fit directly onto the teeth, are virtually invisible when worn, and are easy to pop in and out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This means almost no one will know you're straightening your teeth, you can still enjoy your favorite foods, and maintaining oral hygiene is as easy as ever!

Clear Braces

Clear braces use the same technique as traditional braces, but the brackets are made from a transparent ceramic composite material. This means clear braces maintain the same durability and reliability of traditional braces, but offer a more discreet, aesthetically appealing solution.

3D Imaging Technology

We strive to incorporate cutting-edge technology into every aspect of our treatment process, and that starts with the evaluation. At Lakewood Dental Arts, we're proud to use advanced 3D imaging technologies that allow us to create a fully-realized digital model of your bite and smile without the need for impressions. This means we can create a more accurate model and treatment plan without needing to use gooey, uncomfortable putty during your evaluation.

To learn more about our 3D imaging technology, check out the video below:

Orthodontic Treatment: Before & After

We strive to maintain a gold standard in quality of treatment and patient care – but don't just take our word for if! If you want to learn what orthodontic treatment with Lakewood Dental Arts can do, just take a look at our before & after photos. We worked with Angela to align her teeth, creating a beautifully straight, healthy smile, and we'd be thrilled to do the same for you.


Our Rewards Program

When you get orthodontic treatment with Lakewood Dental Arts, you're getting more than just a great smile. We're hugely grateful for our patients, and to show our gratitude, we're proud to run a reward program for our patients. By keeping up simple habits like arriving on time for appointments, taking good care of your teeth and braces, and referring friends for treatment, you have the opportunity to receive awesome rewards throughout your treatment.

Meet Our Orthodontic Team

At Lakewood Dental Arts, we're committed to our patients – and that commitment runs through every member of our office! Our dental and orthodontic treatment team is dedicated to helping make treatment as easy, comfortable, and convenient as possible, and we strive to make every visit to our office a pleasant experience. Feel free to meet the team at Lakewood Dental Arts to learn more about the people that'll help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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Orthodontic treatment is an investment in your best asset – your smile – and there's never been a better time to get started. Feel free to give us a call at 562-866-1735 with any questions, reach out to us at our contact page, or get started by requesting a consultation online at our Lakewood, CA office. We're thrilled to hear from you, and we can't wait to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile that you can enjoy for the rest of your life!