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Should I Replace My Toothbrush After Being Sick?
Posted on 07/18/2017

Should I Replace My Toothbrush After Being Sick?

At Lakewood Dental Arts, we’re here to provide a comprehensive selection of services when you’re looking for a dentist, an orthodontist, or a periodontist in or around Lakewood, CA. Not only are we proud of our efficient treatments, but we’re just as proud of our patient care as well. We want all of our patients to feel their most comfortable and knowledgeable, which is why we always encourage our patients to ask us if there’s any questions that they’d like to know about. One common question that we get is whether a patient should throw away his or her toothbrush after being sick. It’s an interesting question with an interesting answer that we’re excited to address!

So What Should I Do with My Toothbrush If I Get Sick?

While you may instinctively think about tossing your toothbrush after you’ve been sick, you may want to hold off on that. There’s actually no evidence that you’re more likely to get sick again if you don’t change your toothbrush after you’ve been sick. Your germs can last on toothbrushes for anywhere from a few hours to a few days. However, this doesn’t exactly pose a threat to you.

When you get sick, your body builds up antibodies over the course of your illness to fight it off. This essentially means that you’ll build up an immunity to the sickness that you just had. Therefore, these germs that may still be lingering on your toothbrush will no longer pose any threat to you. You won’t have to worry about your toothbrush infecting you with the same sickness again because you won’t get infected again with the same virus since you are now immune to that virus.

However, having said that, you may want to change your toothbrush if there are other people sharing your bathroom with you. While your toothbrush won’t cause you to become ill with the same sickness again, it can cause your germs to spread to other people and make them sick.

While you can replace your toothbrush afterward if it’ll make you feel more comfortable, it’s truthfully not that necessary. Generally, you should just continue with the standard of replacing your toothbrush once every three to four months.

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