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Say Goodbye To Impressions!
Posted on 03/17/2017

Say Goodbye To Impressions!

At Lakewood Dental Arts, we make it our goal to give all our patients in and around Lakewood, CA the professional and personalized dental and orthodontic care that they deserve. We place a high priority on the convenience and comfort of our patients. We don’t only want their smile to look good – we want them to feel good as well. One of these ways that we’ve improved both the orthodontic and dentistry experience for our patients is by utilizing the ICAT scanner, which eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable dental impressions.

Introducing Our Lakewood, CA ICAT Scanner

When you get braces or crowns, you’ll need to have a dental impression taken so that your orthodontist will be able to map out a plan for perfectly positioning your teeth. Previously, orthodontists would shove disgusting goop in your mouth in order to make the impressions needed from your teeth. This was typically one of the most dreaded parts in both orthodontics and dentistry, even making patients gag as they had their impressions taken. Thankfully, none of our patients will ever have to go through that again now that we’ve proudly introduced our new ICAT scanner.

The ICAT scanner produces images in high-resolution and detailed 3-D models of the teeth, bones, and facial structure of a patient. This piece of cutting-edge technology will capture all of a patient’s needed information in a single scan that lasts mere seconds. It not only offers a much greater convenience than traditional impressions, but it offers greater accuracy and efficiency as well. Whether you’re getting a crown or being fitted for braces, you’ll never have to suffer through an impression again!

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